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Are any these reasons stopping you from the benefits of home ownership?

 Bad Credit

 Recent Foreclosure

 Recent Bankruptcy

 Not enough savings for a down payment


Regardless of your credit record and the availability of cash for a down payment, you can be on your way to owning a home†

without waiting!!

Why continue to rent without the income tax benefits or future appreciation of owning a home?† It is no longer necessary to waste your money.

Donít continue making your landlord richer when you can become a homeowner.† And, thereís no need for a large down payment or to be able to qualify for a mortgage loanÖ you donít even need to fill out a bank credit application.† Weíve got no-credit qualifying programs.

Sounds too good to be true?† Doesn't everything that is truly good sound that way at first?†

You can truly follow the American Dream and enjoy immediate occupancy with tax breaks and the pride of having your own home.

Donít bother with real estate agents, we can assist you in moving into a home.† You will not have to qualify with a bank.† We donít have to check your credit.† Just show us that you can afford the monthly payments and closing costs and youíre in.

We specialize in single-family residences.† These properties are made available to individuals with enough income who can pay typical closing costs and house payments.

Good, Bad or Ugly credit is ok with us.

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